I am having a serious love affair with Venice. I lay awake at night fantasizing about our next date. This is not just lust. This adoration happened even though all the naysayers warned me of my loves potent sewer smell, pricey restaurants and overcrowded streets. But, all I could see was the fantastical labyrinth of canals. Maybe after dating for a while I will be nagged by the aforementioned allegations, but right now my love is blind.

One of the stunning views from the Valporetto #1, which weaves its way from Piazzale Roma to Piazza San Marco. A perfect substitute for the significantly more expensive gondola ride through the Grand Canal.

How would you like boats in your backyard?

These canals are a no parking zone.

A bridge to cross over the canals and through the perplexity of the Venice streets.

Can you see why my love is so deep? Even though we were lost in this complex maze fifty percent of the time, I could think of no better place to be misplaced.

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